11 Jewel Alain Platform Escapement-PNP

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"Alain" Mechanical

Part Number : E028.00200.PNP

Description : 11 Jewel Platform Escapement to suit Alain Mechanical W.00811 Movement

Size : 35 mm Long x 22.5 mm Wide x 20 mm High (2 mm Plate Thickness)
Weight : 15 Grams
Material : Nickel Plated Steel, Spring Steel, Brass

Features : 11 Jewels, 14 Tooth Wheel, 7 Leaf Pinion
9000 Swings Per Hour - 18000 Beats Per Hour

Pinion Length Approx. XXmm Between Jewels
Pinion 9mm Under Plate
XXmm Overall Platform Height

Uses : These Alain Parts
Individual Parts are not Available for this Assembly

Suits : These Alain Parts
W.00811 Alain Movement

Notes : Advance and Retard Adjustment for Accurate Time Keeping

See : Other Balances

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