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Friction Fit Brass Bezel

Part Number : 940/220

Description : Friction Fit Brass Bezel with Convex Glass

*Special Pricing* Clearance Stock
Remainder of stock is slightly marked or missing one of the 3 rear plastic locating pins

Size : 220 mm Diameter x 20 mm High
Weight : 250 Grams
Material : Brass Edge, Convex Glass, Hard Nylon Retainer

Features : 3 Evenly Spaced Mounting Feet (120 degree) 10mm Long and 3 Flush Mount Inserts

Suits : Mantle Clocks and Wall Clocks with Thin Dials

Notes : Requires Pre-drilling and Flush Mounting Inserts to Locate Dial Feet

See : Other Friction Fit Brass Bezels

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