Bullet Ball Catch 6mm (2 pack)

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Case Hardware

V.495010 / 6mm Bullet Ball Catch and Strike Plate / Packet of 2

6mm Diameter Spring Loaded Ball Catch ( Recess mounted in Timber Board ) and Mountable Brass Strike Plate.
This Combination allows for simple, reliable latching of doors and frames.

Machined Brass and Chrome Steel Ball with Plated Strike Plate.

Normally used in conjunction with Door Pulls (V.5032) or Brass Knobs (V.498001)

Size: 6mm Dia x 10mm long / 8mm flange x 1.5mm high.
Weight: 10grams
Material: Steel / Brass

See :
V.5032 Door Pull
V.498001 Brass Knob

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