Pend Post 10.9mm for W.00141, W.00261

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : B002.00500

Description : Pendulum Post to suit Hermle W.00141 and W.00261 Mechanical Movements

Size : 10.9 mm Long
Weight : 5 Grams
Material : Brass Alloy

Features : 2 Mounting Holes and a Slotted / Cross Drilled End for Locating the Suspension Spring

Uses : These Hermle Parts
E006.0 Mounting Screws
E006.01150 Suspension Spring Screw
E021.0 Suspension Springs
B024.00300 Pallet (10.9 mm)

Suits : These Hermle Movements
W.00141 Movement
W.00261 Movement

Notes : Post is Measured from the Cross Drilled Hole to the Opposite Side of the Back Plate.

See : Other Hermle Pendulum Posts

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