Transport - Movement Plug 3.5mm Arbors

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : E018.00690

Description : Transport Protection for Hermle Movements with 3.5 mm Key Arbors

Size : 17.6 mm Long x 12.1 mm Diameter ( fits 8.0 mm Keyhole )
Weight : 5 Grams
Material : Plastic

Features : Fits Hermle Clocks or Clocks with Hermle Movements with 3.5 mm Key Arbor.
Inserts into standard 8.0 mm Keyhole on Front Dial. ( Push in / Pull out )

Stops the minute hand from rotating, stopping the movement from working.
This prevents damage to the movement during transport.
Remove when Clock is returned to upright position and ready for use.

Uses : These Hermle Parts

Suits : These Hermle Parts
Any Movement with 3.5 mm Arbors

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See : Other Transport Protection

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