Quartz 4mm Gold Button Centres

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Quartz Button Centres

To suit Hermle, Seiko and Takane with " Euro Shaft" designs.
Button Centres for movements not requiring a sweep hand.

Press Fit Button Centre used to Cover the Centre Shaft on Quartz Movements.

Also suited for designers wanting to attatch a light weight indicator for marketing purposes.
Retro design to suit many old styled clocks or new modern creations.

Centre is: 4 mm Diameter

Color: Brass
Weight: less than 5 Grams
Material: Aluminium / Steel / Tin

"Euro Shaft" Design
Hour hand hole is 5mm dia
Minute hand hole is slotted 4mm dia slotted is 3mm.

Hermle Quartz
Takane Quartz
Seiko Quartz

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