Escape Wheel 21cm Pend

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"Hermle" Mechanical

B006.00053 / Escape Wheel / 21cm

Escape Wheel for Hermle Movement in 21cm Pendulum Series

Gear Size : 29mm Diameter x 39 Tooth Gear
Pinion Size : 3.5mm Diameter x 7 Leaf Pinion
Distance Between Plates : 32mm Between Plates

Material : Machined Steel and Brass

Features : (Footnote: B006.01050)

Suits : Most Hermle Pendulum Movements
W.00141, W.00151, W.00241, W.00351, W.00451, W.00461, W.01151, W.01161

See :
Escape Wheels
B006.00020 ( W.00130 )
B006.00051 ( W.00141 / 11cm )
B006.00053 ( W.00141 - W.01161 / 21cm )

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