50mm R/A Sticker for Disks

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"Hermle" Pendulum

Part Number : E021.063800

Description : "R/A" Sticker to suit Hermle Pendulum and Disks

Replacements for old or damaged versions.

Size : 50 mm Diameter
Weight : 1 Gram
Material : Paper

Features : The R/A symbol is an abreviation the "Retard/Advance" function that a pendulum performs for regulating Timepieces.
(Making a pendulum longer slows the movement, making a pendulum shorter speeds up the movement.)

Uses : These Hermle Parts

Suits : These Hermle Parts
161 (63mm disk)
183 (80mm disk)
186 (80mm disk) Quartz
PG.27 (45cm series Pendulum)
PG.30 (43cm series Pendulum)

Notes : Pendulum Length Adjustments do NOT apply to Quartz Movements

See : Other Labels and Stickers

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