ANSO Assembly

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : B002.01250

Description : ANSO Assembly to suit Hermle Mechanical W.00340 - W.01161 Movements

Size : Various (Gears and Fixings)
Weight : 20 Grams
Material : Brass and Brass Alloy

Features : Cleverly Silences the Movement from 9:45 PM - 7:00 AM Daily

Uses : These Hermle Parts
B013.02160 ANSO Drive Gear
B013.02230 ANSO Handshaft Drive Gear (NOT Moon Gear)
B015.01880 ANSO Trip Lever (old and new types)
B015.02130 ANSO Engage Assembly
E002.06710 ANSO Engage Bracket
E005.093101 ANSO Post
E006.00960 ANSO Fixing Screws x 3

Suits : These Hermle Parts
W.00340 - W.01161 Movements

Notes : Plates must have Correctly Fitted Mounting Post

See : Other ANSO or Night Time Parts

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