114cm Lyre Pendulum 270mm Etched Castle

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : PL.39

Description : Etched "Neuschwanstein Castle" Lyre Pendulum to suit Hermle Mechanical Movements in 114cm series

Size : 1080 mm Total Length
Disk : 270 mm Diameter
Weight : 1220 Grams
Material : Polished Brass Alloy and Alloy/Stainless Steel construction

Centimeter Series Information :
Centre Handshaft to Centre of disk : 1045 mm
Centre Handshaft to Bottom of disk : 1209 mm
Minimum Case Width for correct operation of "Auto Beat Adjustment" is : 450 mm
Working Beat Width is : 415 mm

Features : Etched "Neuschwanstein Castle" Lyre Pendulum with Brass Centre Bar and Parrellel Round Bars
with Brass Alloy Bow Ties and Lyre

Uses : Hermle Parts
231 (270mm Pendulum Disk)
B021.0XXX (Brass Pendulum Rod)
E008.05290 (Pendulum Nut)

Suits : Movements
W.00461.### in 114cm series
W.01161.053 in 114 cm series
W.01161.853 in 114 cm series
W.01171.853 in 114cm Series

Notes : The Length and Weight of the Pendulum Determine the Duration of the Swing

See : Lyre Pendulums
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