1/2Hr Strike Spring / 2 Bells on Top

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"Hermle" Mechanical

W.00130.080/ Hermle Mechanical Movement

Floating Balance, 8 Day, Spring Wound, Bim Bam, Half Hour Strike Movement, Top Striking on 2 Bells ( 46 / 42 mm Diameter )

Plate Size : 90 mm Diameter x 21 mm Between Plates
Handshaft Size : 30.5 mm
Weight : 500 Grams

Materials : Brass and Brass Plated Components, Machined Steel Parts and Nickle Plated Accessories....

Features : Polished Bridge Plate.

Case Requirements : The Handshaft is on the centre line of any clock ( The handshaft is not necessarily at the centre of any clock movement )
Movement Dimensions are therefore all measured from the handshaft : Down, Left, Right and Up ( including any Gong or Bell Assembly )
Depth is total depth from the tip of the Handshaft to the rear most point ( including any Gong or Bell Assembly )
The Weight Drop is Measured from the Handshaft to the Bottom of the Weight Shells after 7 Days ( Handshaft Up + Weight Drop = total length, excluding dial )

The Measurements for this Movement are :

Handshaft Down : 55.0 mm
Handshaft Left : 65.0 mm
Handshaft Right : 65.0 mm
Handshaft Up : 100.0 mm
Depth : 65.0 mm
Weight Drop : Not Used on this Model

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