Handnut Takane Open Quartz (10 pack)

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"Takane" Quartz

Part Number : E008.05006

Description : Pack of 10 - Brass Handnut to suit Takane Quartz Movements

Size : 5.7 mm Diameter x 1.6 mm Thick
Weight : 1 Gram
Material : Anodised Brass

Features : Handnut Thread is Metric 4 mm Fine with Pitch of 0.5 mm

Uses : These Takane Parts

Suits : These Takane Parts
QT. Quartz Movement
QTP. Quartz Movement
QTCP. Quartz Movement
QT.HT Quartz Movement
QTIDE. Quartz Movement
Q.REV Quartz Movement

Notes : Open Handnuts can be used with Second Hands

See : Other Takane Quartz Handnuts

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