Grid Pend 70mm Quartz -Variable length

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"Hermle" Quartz

PG.32 / B021-0### / 175 (70mm disk) / Grid Pendulum.

Brass Pendulum to suit Hermle Quartz Pendulum Movements.

Adjustable length.
Works with or without grid.

Total Length 360mm x 5.0mm
Grid 95mm x 25mm
Size 70 mm Diameter
Weight 75 Grams

Polished Brass Alloy and Brass/Stainless Steel

Can be used with any Quartz Movement with Pendulum feature.


Metal Pendulums
PG.24 18cm series with B021.00160 (43mm disk)
PG.25 39cm series with 171 (70mm disk)
PG.27 45cm series with 183 (80mm R/A disk)
PG.30 43cm series with 183 (80mm R/A disk)
PG.31 52cm series with 171 (70mm disk)
PG.32 Suits Quartz with 175 (70mm disk)
PG.33 66cm series with 171 (70mm disk)
PG.35 66cm series with 200 (115mm disk)

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