Spring Barrel 49.00mm dia

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : B013.90100

Description : Hermle Spring Barrel to suit Hermle Mechanical Movements

Size : 49mm Diameter ( Across teeth ) x 21mm High (72 Teeth)
Weight : 100 Grams
Material : Brass, Spring Steel and Nickel Plated Steel

Features : Barrel Case, Main Spring, Barrel Lid and Barrel Centre Arbor

Uses : These Hermle Parts
B013.90100 Spring Barrel #10
E001.06961 Barrel Lid
E005.02070 Barrel Centre Arbor
E005.00270 Barrel Winding Arbor
E010.00140 Barrel Casing
E012.00100 Barrel Spring

Suits : These Hermle Movements
W.00140 Movement ( Time Side and Strike Side )
W.00141 Movement ( Strike Side )

Notes : Can be Purchased as Individual Parts or as Complete Barrels

See : Other Mainsprings

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