Grub Screw Hex Drive - 4 Pack

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : E006.02340

Description : Very Small Machine Screw to suit Hermle Cams and Gears

Size : 2.5mm Diameter x 3mm Long
Weight : 1 Gram
Material : Machined Steel

Features : Hex Head for Alan Key / Hex drive Tools in 1.5mm Specification

Uses : These Hermle Parts

Suits : These Hermle Parts
E003.03230 Moon Gear
E003.03800 Moon Gear
Night Shut Off Gears

Notes : Commonly Refered to as a "Grub Screw", "Set Screw" or "Machine Screw"

See : Other Screws
E006.00800 ( Slotted Head Machine Screw )
E006.02340 ( Hex Head Machine Screw )

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