Spring12x0.34x1150 / Ø33

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"Hermle" Mechanical

Part Number : E012.00310

Description : Hermle Mainspring to suit Hermle Mechanical Movements

Size : 12 mm High x 0.34 mm Thick x 1150 mm Long (33mm Diameter)
Weight : 100 Grams
Material : Spring Steel

Features : Hole End

Uses : These Hermle Parts
B013.90311 Spring Barrel #31
B013.90312 Spring Barrel (Reverse)
B013.90313 Spring Barrel
B013.90314 Spring Barrel
E002.05082 Barrel Lid
E002.05083 Barrel Lid
E005.00680 Barrel Centre Arbor
E005.00790 Barrel Centre Arbor (Rear Wind)
E005.05090 Barrel Centre Arbor
E010.00082 Barrel Casing

Suits : These Hermle Parts
W.00130 Movement ( Strike Side )
W.00132 Movement ( Time Side / Strike Side )
W.00130.6 Movement ( Strike Side )
W.00132.6 Movement ( Time Side / Strike Side )

Notes : Can be Purchased as Individual Parts or as Complete Barrels

See : Other Mainsprings

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